My Tribute to Moms As I sat here thinking about this Hallmark Holiday, I choke just thinking about the merchants profits every May. But no words or holiday will adequately pay tribute to Moms, No Poem, or Letter, or Cheers with Pom Poms Our Moms may be different in so many ways, but one steady […]


As a close family friend “Bill” celebrated his 80th birthday this week, i found myself feeling a bit nostalgic. I saw his daughters post on Facebook refer to him as her renaissance man and It made me think of a few quality men in my life. I thought of my dad, who would be 81 today, and both of my grandfathers and considered, what incredible men I had in my life, albeit for a short time. I started to reflect and consider, you rarely find the classic renaissance men in this day and age. Continue reading


I came to the realization a few years ago that society has created this social norm for both parents and kids that is constantly changing our way of thinking and living. Bigger, Better, More, I want this, I want that, I need an iPad, iPhone, Better Car, Beach House, etc. When does it end? Continue reading


You know the saying, ” Good things come in small packages.”  Well, you can most definitely apply that to small rooms.   Continue reading

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By Kate Warne, Ph.D., CFA Investment Strategist

Worries about slower economic growth, political unrest and currency declines in several emerging markets pulled U.S. stocks lower in January, despite solid earnings reports from major U.S. companies. In contrast, bond prices rose, as is typical, lowering long-term interest rates. Emotions are fickle and can change quickly. While we don’t know which direction stocks will move short-term, we think the improving fundamentals of earnings and economic growth make this an attractive time to add stocks, if appropriate. Continue reading



Design is not really a science per se, but there are some basic ‘rules’ that one can follow to achieve that appealing designer look Continue reading


Crossfit in most peoples eyes, namely the ones that do not know crossFit, have a bad perception of what it is and how it impacts your body positively.  Continue reading